Unforgetable Siwa—Egypt

The sunset at Fatnas Island. Just to let you know the guy that runs the cafe is a crook charging 10 pounds for a cup of tea. Major crook.

The time in Siwa has will be an unforgettable time. Very educational, relaxing, and eye opening experience, which I could write a whole chapter on. The people here are very kind, honest, friendly, and genuine. They are very proud of their culture and of Siwa itself. Many have a strong regard for their religion, many also use an extreme outward appearance. Along with all this is the hidden chauvinistic view on sexuality. All these aspects are a part of the culture. There are positives and negatives to each culture around the world. For myself this is what traveling is all about. Learning about people and the culture with out any judgment.

I have met a lot of locals, many Egyptians living in Siwa, plus many tourists visiting Siwa. For the locals, I have observed how each person is living out their own karma. Many of the Egyptians have came from all over Egypt for different reasons. For the tourists I have met, which have been many, each have a different story, a different traveling route, some are on tours and some are traveling alone, some are just on a two week holiday. The travelers that are just into partying are quite comical. Everyone travels differently. I have learned a lot from talking to tourists. I know that my main focus is getting to know the people, the culture, even the hidden aspects of the culture, history and acheology.

Renting the house has allowed me to except the infrastructure of Egypt. Getting grounded has opened my eyes to the inner motivation of all the tourism trouts. I am heading back to the cities fully prepared for battle. The word “No” is a powerful tool. Always taking my time to find out the going rate, Asking other tourists how a certain tour worked out, I have found to be vital, such as a desert safari.

Egypt is a more difficult country to travel through, although I find if I face the challenge here in Egypt, the other countries will just be easier. At this point in time I see myself staying in Egypt for a least 4 months, although if I can find good deals on some flats, six months might happen. My view right now is that I know I will be traveling for 4 to 5 years. Seven years? well the as the saying out here goes “in-sha-la” meaning God willing.

The above I wrote yesterday – Saturday. Today is Sunday night and I am back in Alex. I went into town after renting the house and I was ready to leave Siwa. It’s a great place, although way to much male energy and I am not just talking about the donkeys. Right now I am sitting by a gal without any head covering here at the internet cafe, it’s nice being around female energy.

I can’t believe it the taxi guy from the bus stop only wanted 10 pounds to the hotel. Most want twenty, I gave a three pound tip. The taxi kids back in Siwa were taught some new phrases thanks to me. Taxi, Taxi; hassle free, good deal, no problem.

At this point in time I have four people that I can call from my cell phone that will translate for me if I am in a pinch. These people are really very nice people. The people that are outside of tourism are always willing to help out. Very nice to be on some DSL I have some Grateful Dead going from my music box on my blog. I have been saying all the Arab world needs is a Arab Grateful Dead band and the whole culture will change.

More pictures will be posted soon.

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