Update: Arrived Karak.

I arrived in Karak today. I was in Dana for two nights. A wonderful little stone village from the 15th century, a beautiful area to visit. The hotel was very relaxed and I met some very nice people. I will be staying in Karak for three days and then off to Madaba for three or four nights.

I should be arriving in Amman in one week from now. I have met some contacts to have lunch or dinner with in Amman. The female that I met in Petra said that lunch would be OK. These types of healthy interactions is what makes traveling all about. I also met two very well educated guys from Amman that are teachers, we had a very good conversation while in Dana, I might call them for dinner also.

The Internet is very slow, I am going to look for a place that has fast service, although I might not find any until Amman. I have also had a hard time finding some hot water. The hotel I am staying at in Karak does have hot water, I made sure that there was hot water this time around. It was very cold in Dana, I also just slept in a tent which was nice to sleep outside.

Traveling Jordan is going well, it is certainly at a faster pace although that is OK. Jordan is very safe and people are nice and honest for the most part. Wadi Musa was kind of strange place, the hotel I was at was kind of dishonest, nevertheless, I have decided to be a neutral observer – observing the actions of humans and of the world without any attachment – just letting it flow through.

The moment – many people don’t focus on. The moment is what matters, not what or where I will be next month. All things take place in the moment. This has been a continue subject – most people think of what might happen in the future. I find it nice that people don’t know what will even happen tomorrow, anything could happen.