Update – Cairo.

Update: Couch-surfing has been wonderful, an ultimate comfort by staying with a very hospitable person. My ankle is fine, it could have been much worse. I have started to post pictures on shutterfly.com. Follow this link for more pictures, I will be posting pictures from time to time on shutterfly.com.

I will be heading out of Cairo on the 2nd. Tomorrow I will be visiting the Step Pyramid and the surrounding area. I will have pictures of the oldest standing monument in the world posted very soon, which will finish off the sites of the Old Kingdom. Time is moving along at a normal pace, there is a very good chance I will be in Egypt until May of 2008.

I have adapted very well to the difference of infrastructures, and just have built up my tolerance toward the noise, smoke, and such things. Certainly a person can’t change anything, acceptance is vital. I have to admit I have gotten a little comfortable where I am couch-surfing, although it has been a wonderful break from staying in hotels. I was given this major resource from a blogger who lives in Rome. I am very thankful for this, and I can’t say this enough, waiting was the vital quality to be able to travel as a nomad.