Winding Down – Thrity Days.

This is a picture of a van art I shot down in Santa Barbara.

Everything is winding down fairly quickly for my departure into a lifestyle of a nomad. I have decided to leave my housing situation October 16th. I am going to visit Yosemite from the 16th through the 22nd. The HI-Midpines hostel is only fifteen dollars a night and the pass into the park is twenty dollars for seven days. I will bring my own food to avoid the cost of eating out. On the 22nd I will head back to San Jose for my flight to Minneapolis.

From Minneapolis I will be flying back to San Jose. Then heading to Sacramento for one night or two. There is a old west railroad museum I want to check out, also in Sacramento there is an old town area of the old west. During the time of the gold rush, Sacramento was the major city to deposit gold. The Hostel is an old Victorian building they converted into a hostel. The little over three week transition period I will be taking before I leave the country is something that will prove to be salutary. From Sacramento I might go to Nevada for one night, then out to Sierra Hot Springs for one week. Sierra Hot Springs is kind of expensive, although well worth it. It is my favorite place in California.

I have just about everything sold. I gave my last massage last night. Massage is great part time work for anyone. I couldn’t do massage full time, although part time proved to be financially beneficial. One thing about massage is that I can always do massage for extra income. Massage school is a healthy experience which I learned a lot about the human body.
Everything is happening according to the timetable and winding down to the point I will only own my backpack and gear – a wonderful feeling. It looks like the Mark Twain book I bought might be my first book I read when traveling, I have been holding off on starting the book. Living in the moment is the key to patience, having to wait to pursue an adventure. I am still not all that excited, although I am looking forward to leaving my household situation and the energy of Santa Cruz and of the country.