Working on the House!

The last two days I have been working on the house in Belya Reka. Yesterday, Boris had the day off and we moved everything out of the winter house. The winter room with an attached shower room will be my main dwelling area. I will also have a nice outdoor patio area; I will be creating an yawning for shade.

The summer house is where I will store stuff, and possibly fix it up, we will see. The winter house with the kitchen and shower is the priority. The winter house has a sink and running water. I have decided to use the wood/coal burning hot water heater. There is no point about buying a new one. I will just fire up the wood burning boiler every evening for a shower and to wash dishes. Boris said that his grandmother was very proud about having the wood/coal burning boiler, so it just hit me like a light, create good energy and make the late great grandmother proud.

I have the room totally cleaned out, and can observe what needs to be updated. I need to do some plastering, patching some of the walls. I think I will tile the whole house—the living space (7 meters square), shower room (3 meters square, and entryway (2 meters square). Boris’ mom supplied many things for the house, a wood burning stove for the winter, an electric cooking stove and oven, a gas burning stove; I do prefer to cook on a gas stove. They also sent a good futon mattress and there is a lot of bedding there that needs to be cleaned. Laying tile will provide coolness in the summer and a lot less dust.

The villagers are really nice, the uncle stopped over and pulled out a few nails. The guy from the cafe stopped by to say hi and helped me move a few things. Also, the neighbor across the street stopped by and gave me a couple of apples. I really like the energy of the village so far, and it feels very relaxed. The big town, only 5 kilometers away, provides everything.

Right now I am driving back and fourth to sleep in Hisar, and I can say Hisar is a wonderful relaxed area. Once I am settled I will start posting pictures and more information about Bulgaria—stay tuned.