Wwoof.org: The Key Resource.

When I was down in Cambria staying at the Bridge Street Inn, the owner reveled an incredible resource, which will be key, at longevity; living the life of a nomad.

I have been wondering for awhile now, about working on farms, for an exchange of room and food. I know myself quite well, I will get tired of going from hostel to hostel. The tourist idea, of seeing this and that, gets very tiring. Good thing I love studying history, or I would end up bored like a rock sitting on a rock pile. I am sure this sounds strange.

The organization of Wwoof.org is the key resource I have been waiting to cross my path. Along with this site I also came across helpexchange.net and workaway.info. Wwoof stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Each country is a separate membership. From what I have researched is that many farmers prefer if the helper stays long term, four to six months. Although many will welcome a ten day stay or so.

This is what waiting is all about, patience, perseverance, long suffering, qualities that produce fruit. The best thing about this resource is that when I’m on a farm for two, four or six months, I wont be spending any money. In the mean time I will be collecting interest per month. The hosts provide a room, shower, food, sometimes Internet, sometimes other small privileges. For the most part the work is four hours a day. Each situation is different.

Wwoofer.org was created to help the sustainability of organic farms. Within that time a person can fully learn the culture of the country, language, and other ways of life. Some hostels and other types of situations are also in the networks.

Words of wisdom for a farm helper: work hard, be positive, be flexible, don’t complain. Work more then your suppose to – people love that.