Parrots in Bulgaria.

One week of house sitting completed with the Orange Wing Parrot and the large Bulgaria sheep dog. Another week an a half of house sitting and then I decided to visit Romania for a few days, then head back to Sofia and get another three month visa.

The first time a non-EU resident applies for the long term visa for Bulgaria, they want the person to head out of the country and attain the visa at an Embassy. I don’t have the paper work with me to get the long term visa in Romania, although I thought of taking a small holiday in October. So I will start getting the house ready for the winter and get settled during August and September and then visit Macedonia and maybe another country and get the long term visa while I an visiting.

I really enjoy being around a parrot again, it has been a long time. While I lived in Ohio I did some Parrot rescue and did some breeding. I will most likely get a Parrot, I did find a breeder in Greece. I will wait to see if I find the right type of property to buy before buying a Parrot.

I must say it is really different not blogging on my own computer. Once I get back to Sofia I will be loading up a couple of new websites and revealing my plan how to bring in some income. Many English people are forced to go back to England after living Bulgaria for awhile because it is very difficult to make any money. However the variety of things I will be pursuing I think will work out just fine.

I most likely will not be able to post any pictures until I get back to Sofia.

By the way, I woke up early this morning with Michael Jackson vividly on my mind and was shocked to notice on the Internet that he died.