The Effect of Tourism – Luxor.

Noticing and observing the effect of tourism here in Luxor has been an eye opener to the motivations of the human heart, not that this is anything new in this world. The inner motivations of mankind are bad from the youth up. Moses wrote this 3500 years ago, this is still true today. The person who lives without any spirituality will aways be looking for instant gratification outside of their inner-self. Material garb, lust of the flesh, although never finding satisfaction, the ego thriving with preconceived ideas, judgements, slanderous words, false accusations, a gossip of lies, wicked suspicion – raised with a strong religious upbringing but proving false to it’s power; this world just goes from bad to worse. A demented mentality this world is afflicted with. Sex and money rule with the help of the influence of the media. Separateness of the Divine is the result – the lower entities thrive on negative, demented thinking; humans only adding to their karmic bonds in ignorance. Consequently, rebirth is the result, many born in a worse situation than before. Many are cursed with boredom and idol time – stagnant energy of depression is their lot in life, without having any will-power to troubleshoot.

Within each culture around the world this is the case. Why is this? This whole world is under the ruler-ship of the wicked ones of negativity. Each culture has different levels of being afflicted with preconceived ideas, at the same time; a common aspect. If your a single male, you must be gay; single females are labeled; older women must be looking for a younger guy to pay and have sex with. Many tourists do travel with this motivation of lust, causing a perception of the local population. Every tourist must have a need to alter their minds with drugs and alcohol is also a common perception. Do a good deed by feeding some poor kids and people will question your motive because of their shame and guilt – wicked thinking they are given over to.

The above picture is the Avenue of Sphinks from Karnak to the Temple of Mut.

Nevertheless, the light of goodness shines on these selfish, shame based, deluded people; the light is too bright and they hide. Shame based cultures breeds the populace with a low self-esteem, which the ego plays the game of delusion. Who is more clever then who is the question and an issue in life. Their religion justifies oneself and creates a feeling of specialness. The scapegoat plays the game of delusion of being granted a gift, which justifies their behavior. Lying, cheating, slandering, judging with false accusations becomes a way of life. Jealousy rots the bones of the one living in darkness. The person under deception can not look at the consequences, the belief of karma is buried, so far buried that that truth will never surface above the water.

Within this dimension of light and darkness the darkness is what has become the power and controller of humans. The destiny of the children of light is not of this world. This is why an advanced spiritual person can not be a part of this world – you must take a stand. Even though a person of the light has to live in this world of darkness, there is a way to be no part of it whatsoever. All over the world, in every country and culture – resides good and bad people.

Here are some wonderful, pure, Arab girls. Being around conservative, honest-hearted, pure virgin girls awaiting for marriage – I have found it to be a vast difference from the western women that visit out here. Many (not all) come out here for sex – older, younger, married western women who this nation views as sluts, because of their looseness. Even married men and women committing adultery, which Moses wrote not to do. Don’t get me wrong this is just what I am observing here in Luxor, I have no judgement whatsoever, people can do what they like. The Egyptian men don’t care because what matters is the conduct of the women. The sad thing is that these western woman just add to how the Egyptians view the west, along with male homosexuals that visit out here for this very purpose. When people ask me if I want a drink, or to smoke hash, or even for sex; I explain I have no interest, they are perplexed, confused. If, and when I quote the Quran (or scripture they believe) they sink into their shame and guilt because they know they can’t live up to what it says – their heart is far removed from spirituality. The Quran teaches to be patient and many in this culture fail in this quality alone, including around the world. There are positives and negatives to every country and culture, the ego wants to judge, although if wisdom is at the forefront there will be no excuse to make any one country or culture special. Judgement resides above, although being an open eyed witness supports the light. This whole world is under the power of the wicked ones – sexuality is imbalanced all over the world, hence – sexuality is a major part of each culture, it must be taken into consideration when studying cultures. Religion is the main cause and effect of imbalance, regarding sexuality. Every type of practice of religion is Idolatry.

The victimization is clearly manifested among the world. This level of darkness many people will never pull out. Always playing the victim, poor me, poor me; The Divine keeps his distance and allows a person to rot within their own complaints.