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Hello everyone, so it’s been a whole week since my last post. I have been trying to get some good video shots of the pelican’s feeding along the shore. It is a great site to see, they fly over head, looking down for their prey, eying for the best catch. Then all of a sudden: dive bombing into the water, gulp, gulp, gulp, no more fishy. The ways of nature.

I will be taking a couple of days off up in San Francisco and will most likely get some good pictures of the Golden Gate and other sites. I am thinking of going with my backpack fully loaded. It’s best I break it in. Dealing with it in the hostel, taking some buses in the city, and maybe take Bart aimlessly to see how it handles could be well worth it. So far just walking with it fully loaded has went well. Hauling it on buses and keeping organized in a hostel can prove to be a good test.

I always stay at the Fort Mason hostel which is walking distance to the Fisherman’s Wharf-the hostel can be noisy. On the way back I will stay at the pigeon point hostel which is 25 miles north of Santa Cruz on the coast of highway one at the lighthouse. In a hostel you don’t get much. Basically a bed in a dorm with a locker included. Each hostel has a common room and a kitchen. Pigeon point has a hot tub for an extra charge; bottom line each hostel has different characteristics.

I realize that most Americans would rather have that nice four or five star hotel. Personally I am more of a third class type of guy. I don’t need to be spoiled nor am I looking for comfort-what I need is a shower and a bed.

The best hostels are through Hostelling
I went to visit Hawaii in January 2006. I stayed at the hostel in Waikiki for $25.00 a night, took the bus from the airport for $2.00. I rented a bike for $15.00 a day, which I use to live there so I knew my way around. Maybe the hostel was a little noisy from outside, but for the price and the location; what a deal.

The most valuable aspect of a hostel is meeting people from all over the world.

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