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Albania has been gaining popularity as a top tourist destination. This country located in the southern parts of Europe is reinventing itself in terms of tourism. What helps is the fact that Albania allows travelers to get a glimpse of some of the best aspects of European culture, history and tradition because it hasn’t seen Read more

the blue mosque in istanbul

Known officially as the Republic of Turkey, this country is located in Western Asia in the Anatolian Peninsular in the continent of Eurasia. The official language is Turkish and most of its people are Muslim. Turkey is a country that has seen so many different cultures come through its borders that when you see all Read more

the Acropolis, the most important landmarks in Greece

I think one of the biggest reasons that people travel to Greece is the fact that most of us have heard so much about it. The land of the mighty Parthenon and the Acropolis, Greece is both exotic as well as mystical. We all have studied the ancient Greeks in our history class; we all Read more

minnehaha creek in minneapolis

Minnehaha Park and Creek is a local favorite as it’s connected to the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway’s pedestrian and bike trails and has a nice seafood cafe open in the warmer months. It also has picnic grounds, a wading pool, play areas, bike and surrey rentals and one gorgeous waterfall with walking trails both above Read more

sailboating down the nile river

The majestic land of Pharaohs and the Great Pyramids, Egypt is chaotic and beautiful. However, nowhere else in the world can you find the ambience and the wealth that Egypt offers to travelers. While most people travel to Egypt to see the Pyramids, the country offers many more wonders to explore. Not surprisingly, Egypt is Read more

visit bitola macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a newly independent state, gaining its independence from Yugoslavia in the year 1991. It is located in the Balkan peninsular. The country of Macedonia is quite vast and is a wonderful challenge to take up if you consider yourself to be an avid explorer! It is home to the elusive Read more

st. anthony falls minneapolis

I arrived in Minneapolis after just shy of 4 years of international travel. This is my first time back in the States since I departed from San Francisco in November of 2007. I can say that visiting is a cultural head rush. When person is away from their inbred culture for a longtime, it is Read more

soaking in the blue lagoon

I rolled into Minneapolis after a long transit trip from Bulgaria. Having an eight hour layover in Berlin from Sofia, I arrived in Iceland (2*c) around midnight. Iceland, the land of high inflation has it set up that all passengers can take the ‘flybus’ to Reykjavík and be dropped off at your hotel or hostel Read more

My international travels will be coming to a close concerning across the Atlantic travels and traveling on buses and trains with a backpack. Most of you know I will be starting a cycling nomadic lifestyle to continue my travels. I will eventually be heading to Central America and possibly South America on the bike. But Read more