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traveling the balkans

When some people hear of the Balkans and former Yugoslavia they might think of war ravaged Bosnia, and many people still view the Balkans as unsafe. From first hand personal experience traveling the Balkans is a wonderful experience that will not damage your pocket book compared to northern Europe. The very word of Balkans may Read more

Currently, I am residing in a small town called Hisar (Hisarya) in Bulgaria until the end of August. Hisar is truly a beautiful area located on the southern folds of Sredna Gora Mountain of the Balkan Mountains. Continue Reading More @ Cycling Nomad Read more

village in bulgaria

I decided to nest in Bulgaria for the summer. My flight was canceled from Berlin that connects in Prague to Skopje. So I decided to jump on a train to Prague, visit for a day, and then catch the flight to Skopje. Visiting Prague for a day was plenty of time after visiting many cities Read more

Since I left India I have been at a crossroads concerning international travel. As I mentioned prior, I experienced and saw the countries I have always wanted to visit. I lived in several places such as Bulgaria. At this point my international travels are ending at the end of August. I have been going over Read more

gdansk poland old city

Today marks 3.5 years traveling and nesting abroad. I have not visited the United States since I departed for my travels in 2007. I decided to take a detour from Berlin to Gdansk in northern Poland and happy I did. Currently I am the only person as the hostel which is located out side of Read more

Branderburg Gate in Berlin Germany

Continual long term travel can cause a change in lifestyle, eating habits, and possibly a host of health problems. If a traveler consumes the prime opportunity to change eating habits, the morning routine, and the overall disposition—changing geographic locations presents the possibility. Traveling from geographic locations to the next can cause climate and culture shock Read more

The river spree in Berlin Germany

The Departure out of India proved to be pleasant because gradually I became very tired of the ultra-loud, dusty, and dirty streets of India. Sorry to say, but India is a garbage dump. The clean and quite infrastructure of Berlin is a welcoming site compared to dirty and smelly India. And, after being in India Read more

calcutta site seeing

My last stop in India is the Capitol City of New Delhi. Within each city of Bombay, Calcutta, and Delhi resides a tourist/backpacker area—I consider these areas as backpacker ghettos. Any city you choose to initially fly into will most likely be the city you dislike the most. Many travel bloggers write negatively about Delhi Read more

Sasaram india

Traveling India proves to be challenging for many travelers. There are several dynamics you will want to consider in preparation before you set out on your adventure. All Budget and Mid-Range Hotels have Hard Beds. This entire country uses florescent lighting. All buildings are made from Cement with odd bright color paint. The Food is Read more