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A quick update: I am feeling much better then I was last week. Due to the temperature change from cool Port Said and Ismaillia to extremely Hot Dahab, I found myself extremely dehydrated. I went to the pharmacy and got a re-hydration solution. Also, I have been having major digestion pain, I decided to start Read more

I went snorkeling in a place called Blue Hole just a few miles from Dahab. A very spectacular under-sea world. The fish in this area are truly amazing with all sorts of different colors. I thought Hawaii was good, this place is great. Snorkeling is so peaceful and pleasant. The coral reefs are the best Read more

The sea of Aqaba, an amazing calm sea, pleasant, serene. I went snorkeling today in the sea very close to the hotel. What an amazing place. The coral, and the amount of beautiful fish is indescribable. Major amounts of beautiful fish swimming an arms lengths away. There isn’t any comparison to Hawaii. What a pleasant Read more

I have arrived in Sinai. The bus ride was long, although Sinai is a lovely, beautiful place. I had to connect buses in Sharm El-Sheikh – I have no interest in going to Sharm, what a rip off of a place. I will be in Dahab for a least two weeks, which I will be Read more

I must say Port Said is a very nice place, a major contrast from Luxor. Everyone is friendly and honest, for the most part. Of Course, when writing regarding positive and negative qualities; it’s not to be taken as an absolute generality. The effect of an ocean is my theory; the Mediterranean Sea releases an Read more

The Suez canal, a very important thoroughfare for the world trade, is one of the greatest feats of modern engineering. Construction started by Pharaoh Nekau II between 610-595 BCE, at least a first record of canal digging. Work really began in 1859 and the Suez canal was completed in 1869 with a celebration. Ownership remained Read more

I arrived in Port Said yesterday, I must say, the town is very easy going, lazy, quite, and relaxed. I have noticed towns that are built on an ocean seem to have a special relaxed atmosphere. I will be staying for a good four or five days. The hotel I went with is only 22LE Read more

Today I went to visit the Pyramids for the last time. I was able to go into the second pyramid with the limestone cap. A great alternative if you don’t want to pay out the high cost for the great pyramid. Although the great Pyramid is worth going in. I decided to walk around the Read more

Here is the Temple of Hathor which is in Abu Simbel next to the Great Temple of Ramses II. This temple was also cut out of the small mountain which is the area. Remember what I mentioned about the two anointed ones and the Great Almighty Divine Creator – here is another fine example. The Read more