The Archives of Traveling Egypt

Egypt was the first country to travel upon the departure of America on November 11 2007. I posted 77 times throughout 5 months of travel. Here are all the posts from old to new of my travels of Egypt.

The Temple of Philae is on Agilkia Island in Aswan. The temple was moved from the submerged island of Philae. The temple was set up just as it was when on the island of Philae. During my visit the temple was pack with tourists, this temple is difficult to visit without a crowd because a Read more

I have left Upper Egypt and have arrived into Lower Egypt – Cairo. How pleasant it is, I must say. Much more opened minded, educated, easy going people here in Cairo. Despite the smog and traffic, Cairo is a special place in its own way. Cairo is filled with a mix of people. Interesting enough Read more

They don’t call this temple great for no reason. The Great Temple of Ramses the Second is the best of the best. The last temple on my tour of the temples of Egypt, although not even coming close to being the least. Carved out of the mountain on the west bank of the Nile (now Read more

All of the pictures below are of from the Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile god.One thing that can be said is that Aswan is more mellow then Luxor. The town is not as much of a hassle, and demanding, as Luxor is. Aswan has a lot of Nubian culture, also. Everybody Read more

The Temple of Horus is very much like the Temple of Hathor, and also, is one of the most completely preserved temples from the Ptolemaic times – after the time of Alexandria the Great. The temple was started around 237 BCE and completed almost 200 years later in 57 BCE. Same type of design as Read more

The River Nile.The morning view where we docked the first night.Absolutely relaxing, silence and stillness. The only words I can think of sailing on the Nile, just what I needed. The felucca trip was a major relaxing time. The first day we had great wind to the point that we just coasted at a nice Read more

I toured the Temple of Hathor which is located in Qena, only 60KM from Luxor. This temple was dedicated to Hathor which is the same goddess as Ishtar and Aphrodite the goddess of love. The temple is virtually intact and a site to behold. Dark chambers, twisting stairways, underground crypts; this temple goes back to Read more

The Valley of the Kings is certainly a wonder in itself. Being the big tourist site in Luxor there was bus loads of tourists. They did allow any pictures to be taken inside and I did not want to break the rules. They seemed very strict about everything.I did tour every tomb that was open Read more

Noticing and observing the effect of tourism here in Luxor has been an eye opener to the motivations of the human heart, not that this is anything new in this world. The inner motivations of mankind are bad from the youth up. Moses wrote this 3500 years ago, this is still true today. The person Read more